Our team

EVEREST CORPORATE places at your disposal a team of qualified business and law professionals with the expertise and experience necessary for successful company sale and purchase transactions.

Luis Baños

Founding Partner

Lawyer. Qualified in Business Administration. MBA from the University of Boston. Master’s Degree in International Commerce from the University of Brussels. Post-graduate Degree in Development Economics from London School of Economics.

Carlos Solans Díaz

Founding Partner

Director of Ce Consulting Empresarial Rios Rosas office in Madrid. Higher diploma in Administration and Finance. Expert in taxation (national and international).

Fernando M. Tirado Leñador

Founding Partner

Qualified in Administration and Management. Majored in Marketing at the University of Lapland (Finland). Master’s Degree in International Operations from the University of Seville. Partner in shipping and external trade companies.

Rocío Meca Fernández

Investment Analyst

Qualified in Law and Political Science and Public Administration. Master’s Degree from ICADE in International Affairs: Economics, Politics and Law.

Inma Pajuelo Casado


Lawyer specialising in Employment Law. Law Degree from Rey Juan Carlos University.

Pilar Sainz Dolado


Investment Analyst

Ignacio Villanueva Martín

Grado en Derecho y ADE

Investment Analyst

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